Groups are one of the features on Roblox. This feature was created in 2009. Players could create groups of many genres and have a limitless amount of members. All players on Roblox are allowed to join groups, however, only Builder's Club members are allowed to make groups. Making a group costs 100 robux. Players are given a certain limit on how many groups they are able to join based on their membership. Non-Builder's Club members are permitted to join up to five groups at one time, Builder's Club members are allowed to join/own up to 10 groups at one time, Turbo Builder's Club members are given the privilege to own and/or be in up to 20 groups at one time, and members with Outrageous Builder's Club have the capacity to join or own 100 groups.

Creating a group:Edit

In order to create a group, players must first have any type of Builders Club, then go to "My Roblox" and click on the button labeled Groups. On the left of the screen, the list of groups that a player is currently in is listed, along with a button above the list titled "Create New." Players may then type the name of their group into the given box, save the information, pay 100 Robux, and the group is created.

Group SizeEdit

On ROBLOX, The size of a group is determined by the number of members it has. These are the ten largest groups:

information accurate as of 7/28/14

Group Name

Group Type Member Count Public
RAT The Roblox Assault Team War 180,178 Yes
FEAR The First Encounter Assault Recon War 171,254 Yes
TD Team Domino War 105,908 Yes
VS Vortex Security War 100,056 Yes
USA [USA] The United States of America.

Country-Clan Group

94,632 Yes
NBC NBC Shirt Creators Clothing 92,292 Yes
VT Venturian Tale Role-Playing Group and Fan Club 85,757 Yes
LOL LOL Fan Club 86,290 Yes
BWE Black Wolf Empire War Group 78,211 Yes
JC John's Cobras War Group 65,861 No


There are many features in the group system on Roblox. You can create a variety of ranks (maximum of 255 ranks allowed in a group), make a member leave your group, add clothes to your group store, do messages for all members to hear, have a group chat, being able to add allies, and you can control the power a specific rank is given. You can also oversee every action in your group in the Audit Log. For 500 ROBUX, you could also create a clan in a group for your group to earn points from games that give points