12th of April 2011

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MichaelIsGr8 is a ROBLOX user.


On the ROBLOX website, I am the owner of three central groups; however I own several.

TV Group Logo IV
The ROBLOX TV Studios™ is the largest of the three main groups, it has had a peak of 250 members. The group focuses on producing videos for YouTube in the form of television like shows. For more information, see the page.
Jet International Logo

Jet International is the airline group owned by MichaelisGr8, it has 30 members and is yet to launch. The group has their own range of aircraft as well as an airport. The task set onto themselves was to allow everyone to fly a plane if they wanted to. The group has a range of plane models from small to huge. The group was founded after being inspired by TravelAidFish which is owned by SuperbGoose.

Bubblegum Logo

The Princess Bubblegum Fan Club is the group that is a fan group owned by MichaelisGr8, it has 84 members and was chosen over another group for it's structure. The group was founded on the 26th of August 2014 and started with a refresh of the group brand. Since then the group had increased membership, fixed security and are on their way with a new hangout.


He has a total of 22,500 place visits, primarily from "G R A V I T Y" and a television studios of the ROBLOX TV Studios™.Media:Example.ogg